U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Wins!

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy had the highest rate of participation in the 2016 All Academy Challenge with 1678 alumni donors making 14.1% participation—but really, all of us can claim victory. A grand total of $2,912,036.43 was raised over the 7-day Challenge—resources that help enable all of our academies to continue a legacy of world-class education and training for our nation's future generation of leaders.

That's a big win for all Americans and a proud example of what we can accomplish together. Congratulations to all five of the academies and all alumni who participated!

The Challenge has ended.

Although the Challenge has ended, please make a gift to the academy of your choice. Don't forget to share your support on Facebook and Twitter.

Rules of Engagement:

The All Academy Challenge encourages alumni of five U.S. service academies to donate to their respective institution's fundraising efforts. The Challenge creates a friendly competition to see which academy can secure "bragging rights" with the highest rate of participation.

The percentage of success for each academy is calculated by dividing the total number of alumni donor participants for each academy by the pool of possible alumni donors for each academy. We refer to this percentage as "Participation."