Moving On

After eight amazing years, the competition amongst the service academies to see which team can bring in the highest participation in just five days is coming to an end; but that doesn’t mean your support is not important! Each year during the All Academy Challenge you showed up for friendly competition; maybe you really wanted to BEAT ARMY, or you just wanted to make sure Merchant Marine didn’t win AGAIN. Regardless of the competition aspect your participation made real tangible impacts on each of our nation’s service academies; thank you for that. Though there will not be a formal competition between Academies each institution is reshaping the challenge and ultimately your participation is still important. Your support translates to a stronger, better prepared, more adept body of leaders for our nation’s defense.

West Point: May 1-5,

Air Force Academy: Mark your calendars for “Commit to Defining Our Future” August 1-4

Coast Guard: May 17-19,

Merchant Marine: May 8-12,

Naval Academy: May 16-20,